Ridley, one of samus's many enemys and a high ranked space pirate. Ridley is a pterodactyl-like monster that has returned in most of the metroid games and some of the super smash bros. In each returning Ridley has returned with different looks or as the same form if the story is a retell. Ridley is something that samus has a grudge on due to the fact that samus's parents were killed by this Ridley...  In Super Metroid, After Ridley was destroyed on Zebes, a clone of Ridley was unitenationally created and escaped, Defeating this Ridley in Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission is the key to opening the twin headed doors along with Kraid.


Ridley in super smash bros brawl


Ridley is the creature that returns in everygame (except for maybe a few) with different looks although he usaully is never the main antagonist in the game he have appeared in.

Fuison ridley

ridley in metroid fusion

Here are some forms and looks of Ridley throughout each game 

Ridley has appeared in:


Metroid Zero Mission

Metroid Fusion

Super Metroid

Metroid Pinball