K-2L, Samus's home planet is attached by Ridley a high ranked space pirate, and his group of space pirates attacks them. Samus's father thought it would be a good idea to go and blow up the pirates last/only ship the pirate brought, this also killed her father... next to die was her mother, this is how she died as Ripley sees young Samus, he blasts his deadly attack at Samus, but her mother quickly guards her from Ridley. This makes her an orphan eversince then shes had a grudge on Ridley making him Samus's arch nemisis. But she was adopted by a group of alien bird-like creatures called Chozo, which was definently NORMAL (not) then after years of being trained, she was inserted with chozo DNA and was given the awseome suit that makes her the amziing and awesome person

Endo samus

endo suit of samus

we know and love today.